Fall Weddings, a New Trend

wedding invitationThough the autumn is coming fast and September is knocking at our doors, people still will have weddings. They are trendy, since it won’t be that hot. The changing landscape, leaves turning in amazing shades of orange and brown, becomes breathtaking and inspiring.

If you want interesting colors to your wedding, autumn weddings could be a very good choice, not only for the colors, but for the romantic spirit. The colors will help you choose invitations, guest lists, RSVP cards and place cards attuned to your ideas.

Everyone wants their wedding to be perfect, therefore they’re doing whatever they can to be like that. Planning a wedding needs to take more steps. From invitations, to the guest list, you have to choose wisely to have the autumn themed effect. Of course that having an autumn wedding might help you a little more with the inspiration, but you have to take care to stick to the wedding theme.

foam board weddingThat’s why your invitations have to remain elegant and simple. You could choose gold or silver background images, write with elegant brown or dark orange font color. You also can use the same idea to your RSVP cards, guest list and place cards. Also you could add a photo of your wedding cake or bride’s bouquet to make an interesting invitation. All with help from iClickn’Print application.

Not only the invitations to the wedding are important, but also the decoration of the place where the reception will be hold. You can use iClickn’Print to make custom board decorations where the guests could write their own wishes for the married couple. They can use a beautifully colored poster boards.

It’s not hard to have fall weddings. All you need is some inspiration and professional help from decorators, event planners, flower shops and restaurants.


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